Four Seasons Viognier – Tasting Tips

Most of the times, I generally don’t go to for a wine. But, wanted to try it at least once. I zeroed in on Four Seasons Viognier. This is my first try w.r.t wines. I love the Four Seasons Viognier after having it.


In case, you have got hold of one, here are few tasting tips to enjoy it the most.

It has a well-rounded lingering finish with flavors of blossom and delicate hints of dried apricots and peaches.

Type : Still White Wine
Grapes : Viognier
Origin : Baramati, Maharashtra, India
Style: Off Dry

Tasting notes:

Color : Bright and clear gold.
Aroma : Intense perfume of blossom, with delicate hints of dried apricots and peaches.
Palate : Well-rounded with balancing acidity and an attractive lingering finish.

Serving suggestion:
Enjoyed best at 10 – 12ยบ C as an accompaniment to sprout based salads with fruity dressings, or light fish and chicken dishes. Also pairs well with mildly spiced Indian and Asian cuisine.

If you have tried Four Seasons Viognier and want to try different Wines from Four Seasons you can check the site here.

Facebook link – Four Seasons.

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