Eufy BodySense Smart Scale review

This review might be biased because, I like Anker and Eufy’s products and have quite a few of them. They are all pretty reliable and cost-friendly. If you are into fitness and are concerned about weight gain/loss, this one is definitely for you.

Just like other smart scales this also provides the basic things perfectly – weigh you, measures body fat percentage, body mass, BMI and other stats and syncs the data to your phone over bluetooth. It also can remember the previously measured weight and hence it will help you with trend chart.

The scale looks very much premium and doesn’t look cheap in any way. Glassy top and a good looking design pattern to go with it. Bottom is plastic with a slot for 4 AAA cells to go in it. I would have loved to see rechargeable battery in it instead of AAA. But it works.

Connectivity and Sync:
Pairing the phone with the scale is easy and seamless. Just open the app, create account and add a device inside the app and select the weighing scale. 16 simultaneous users can pair with the scale and track their weight simultaneously. It also sync’s with Google Fit and Apple Health in case you use that as a primary health tracking app.

App is very well designed and intuitive. It has charts which gives comparative figures.

It weighs extremely reliably. I can say this as I have multiple scales and all of them show the same weight. It has 2 pairs of super-sensitive sensors which measures the weight precisely. Weighs even 0.1lb /0.1 kg increments.

Customer Service:
You can trust them. The scale comes with Customer Service numbers and also their social media accounts. They are extremely active on the social media sites.

I like this scale and in love with it. I hate only one part which is the smudges. Regular cleaning/wiping is must. Otherwise, this has been a good gadget to own.

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