Custom Firmware for Nokia 5800, 5230, 5530 and X6 with Anna touch

The guys at Symbian Latino have come up with the updated Custom Firmware for the S60v5 series phones from Nokia. This firmware comes with the new set of Anna icons, keyboard layout, effects and other additional functions.

New Features in the Custom Firmware

  • New effects in the interface of Symbian Anna PR2
  • Ovi Maps 6.3 built-Final (Exclusive Version)
  • Fonts optimized for readability, slightly larger
  • Ovi updated v1.109 (June 2011).
  • Complete set of icons that change according to Anna Symbian theme you put (Binh24).
  • New default theme courtesy of Anna Symbian @ aj23thememaster
  • Sidebar improving improved much smaller space in all applications
  • New full QWERTY keyboard, Symbian Anna
  • New alphanumeric keyboard with improved buttons
  • New Image Power
  • 15.2 Music player integrated with lyrics (Solution for Latin languages)
  • Unlock slider rounded to be more in line with Anna Style
  • Behavior of the lights reset, turn off all the time
  • Firmware Size small to be prepared to new releases

Other features include:

  • Interactive Desktop with Widgets
  • Text of the menu buttons centered
  • New Extended menu, wider!
  • Greater speed in the movement and application performance
  • Removed rotation sliding unlock
  • Fixed error when installing some old songs
  • The battery back to normal life … Amend
  • Languages: English and Spanish Latino (5230 5530 5800) and Spanish Spain (X6 5800)
  • You can install whatever you want without signing applications, or perform any process
  • Never again you will see an expired certificate error!
  • Integrated mail client with HTML support and compatible with your Hotmail, Gmail, Ovi, etc.
  • Release system by sliding your finger across the screen.
  • New font much more modern and fitted with the new menu, the original source is huge !!!!!!!!
  • 4×4 Menu reorganized and custom folders
  • Added 3 new widgets shortcuts so you can get full screen access.
  • 79 MB free internal memory (290 MB free X6) and 58 MB free RAM
  • The Clock Widget is now removable so you can take it away and have a Full Swipe
  • Removed the poster to show all applications running on the dropdown menus
  • Java applications and bring all permits WRT enabled many requests to avoid useless
  • You can send any file protected by Bluetooth, and no more restrictions
  • Added new audio codecs for stereo sound better
  • Sound a lot stronger than the original firmware
  • Integrated Applications: Ovi maps, Conversations, Notifications.
  • In the Ovi mobile is identified as a Nokia N97 so you have many more programs compatible
  • Enhanced effects and without delay
  • Facebook equipment added tactile browser bookmarks
  • Gallery reconfigured to not read images in system folders
  • Removed some applications start to have more free resources.
  • Browser Cache grown and moved to E


Visit Symbian Latino page and download the firmwares suitable for your device. They also have few FAQ’s answered over there.

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