Claim your Road Tax refund, if your vehicle is damaged beyond repair

I am writing this as I was also unaware that we can claim back portion of Road Tax paid during the purchase. My friend quoted one of the old articles he came across in Times of India

Just thought of sharing this information and it seems like most of us are unaware of this information. Remember the fact that whenever we purchase a vehicle, we also pay road tax for the duration of 15 years.

I would love to re-iterate what has been quoted in the article. In case your vehicle is damaged in a road accident and is ir-repairable, owners can claim back the road tax for the remaining years. For example, if the vehicle was in use for 4 years, then users can claim back the tax for the remaining 11 years from the transport department.

Excerpts from the article

Transport commissioner during 2010, Bhaskar Rao confirmed that the department has a provision to refund part of the life tax when vehicles are damaged beyond repair.

“Very few people claim this facility. We don’t have statistics of vehicles that get damaged beyond repair as they’re maintained at RTO levels,” he said.

For more details do read the source article and do spread the awareness and help others to claim back their refund.


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