Chocolate and Scotch Pairing

To be frank, I never imagined that Scotch can pair with Chocolate. It was always in my mind that something spicy or snacks will be taken with Scotch or Whisky. This was completely new for me. Let me try and find out how Scotch and Chocolates pair up.

First thing is, Chocolate helps to avoid alcohol burn and helps you to get the taste of the Scotch which would not have been possible otherwise. Next comes the taste match. Honey and Hazelnut match with the Golden colour and sweetness of Honey will match with the honey flavour in BlackDog Centenary or the BlackDog 8 Year Old Scotch. In case, the chocolate has a bit of Ginger taste, then it will go hand in hand with the BlackDog Quintessence or BlackDog 21 Year Old.

Sometimes, people do like to have the chocolates which has butterscotch flavor. In that case, it can match again with BlackDog Centenary. There are quite a bit of chocolates that come with Almond and Cashew. Those kind of chocolates can be consumed with BlackDog Quintessence.

Most of the BlackDog Scotch variants are with Vanillic sweetness and smooth texture, it can match up with most of the dark chocolates or nutty or fruity flavoured chocolates. In case, you feel that they are too sweet, opt for ginger flavoured or spicy or peppered chocolates which will again go hand in hand with the BlackDog Scotch. Do remember, to bite in too much of chocolate. Start slowly or you might miss the taste of the Scotch.

The combination of chocolates and liquor are well known over the world and most of them prefer that too. I always preferred the nutty chocolates and the scotch as I liked the combination of them. Nothing specific but I do like the dark chocolate combo and the alcohol combination.

Have you tried any of the combinations above or do you want to share your favorite combination of Scotch and Chocolate pairing, do let us know and we can add it in here.

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