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HeadPhone – MDR-XB920 – Review

I was in search of a perfect headphone. Being a music oriented person, I always prefer a good quality sound producing equipment. Be it earphones, sound system or any other thing. The difficult thing to find these days is the quality of sound in those. I then got hold of the MDR-XB920 and here is my review of it.

Indica Vista D90 Review

I was one of the selected few who got an opportunity to review the newly launched variant of Indica Vista, the all new Indica Vista D90 from the TATA Motors stable. To be frank, I was always skeptical and had it set in my mind that Indica will always be what it has been known for all these days – A good car for Cab/Taxi. I had traveled as a passenger but never drove one.

TomTom VIA 125 review

GPS Navigation devices are around for quite sometime in European countries and the Americas. Proper GPS devices are yet to leave a mark in the Indian market and the reasons being the price conscious customers, complex transport network, support for local languages, value for money, service etc.

Nokia 808 review

Nokia 808 Pureview when announced and even now, can be termed as on of the best camera phones made. I was in love with the phone and especially the camera. Though it didn’t belong to the current generation, it was held together by the old generation OS and still impressed many. The device got itself a fan following.

Review of Nokia Lumia 610

A big thanks to Nokia India for being generous enough to send a review unit of Nokia Lumia 610. Nokia Lumia 610 is the cheapest in the Nokia Lumia range of devices. The phone is also one of the least expensive Windows Phone available in the market.

Nokia Asha 300 Feature phone review

Nokia Asha 300 was one of the devices announced at Nokia World 2011 and was made available in early part of 2012. The Asha series made headlines due to their 1GHz processor inside. The same holds good for Nokia Asha 300.

Nokia Lumia 800 review – The beginning of the change

Its been more than a year since Nokia announced its partnership with Microsoft. That was the Feb, 2011 when Nokia had to come up with something new for it to stay in the competition. Quite a Few things have changed since then. Symbian is no more Nokia’s focus. Meego was half baked when the decision was made and hence came to the market onboard Nokia N9.

Nokia is out with 4 different Windows phones ranging from the low-end, low priced Nokia Lumia 610 till the 4 incher Nokia Lumia 900. Oh yes, they all come under the Lumia range. Lumia means Light in Spanish and Snow in Finnish.  

Nokia E7 review of the business class

Many thanks again to the wonderful folks at WomWorld/Nokia for sending across this awesome Nokia E7 for trial. This is my 400th post here and I hope to cover the in-depth review of this device.

Nokia E7 is in the house for review

Thanks to the wonderful guys at Womworld/Nokia, was able to get my hands on the lovely Nokia E7. The E7 will be with me for around 2 weeks for the review.

A review of Nokia E6

Thanks to the lovely guys at WomWorldNokia, was able to get my hands onto the new hot thing from Nokia, the E6 smartphone.