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Eufy BodySense Smart Scale review

This review might be biased because, I like Anker and Eufy’s products and have quite a few of them. They are all pretty reliable and cost-friendly. If you are into fitness and are concerned about weight gain/loss, this one is definitely for you.

Xiaomi MI3 Review: Fights with the best!

Here it goes, after a week with Xiaomi’s MI3 smartphone, I have tried to pen down what I feel about the device.

Review : Ramayana–The Game of Life : Rise of the Sun Prince

This is first for me in terms of writing down about a book. I have tried my best to give out my views on this and hopefully, I will get better on this too.

My Review of TATA Zest and the Zestful experience in Goa

TATA Motors and Blogadda gave us the opportunity to review the TATA Zest at The Zuri White Sands, Goa Resort & Casino. We were given an opportunity to drive both the Petrol and Diesel variants of the TATA Zest.

Baba Saffron Blended Elaichi–Natural way of freshening up

One of the things, I would like to have in my pocket is a mouth freshener. I am used to carry it either in the form of a chewing gum or a candy. This makes me keep my breath fresh no matter whether I am busy or in meetings or out travelling.

Logitech X100 review

One of the things I like about Bluetooth speakers is the absence of wires. Lame? No, I mean it. There are quite a lot of them in the market and in different price bands. Thanks to Logitech, got a chance to review Logitech X100.

ibaco – the ice cream destination

Somehow it happened that I managed to visit the IBACO (near Lal Bagh west gate) during the winter season. I love Ice Creams and I don’t mind having it anytime of the day or night. It was my second visit to IBACO and here I plan to write about it.

KAVA – Fairfield by Marriott – review

KAVA is a restaurant which serves authentic Indian cuisine along with the Western food options too. Its first from Fairfield by Mariott Hotel.

HeadPhone – MDR-XB920 – Review

I was in search of a perfect headphone. Being a music oriented person, I always prefer a good quality sound producing equipment. Be it earphones, sound system or any other thing. The difficult thing to find these days is the quality of sound in those. I then got hold of the MDR-XB920 and here is my review of it.

Indica Vista D90 Review

I was one of the selected few who got an opportunity to review the newly launched variant of Indica Vista, the all new Indica Vista D90 from the TATA Motors stable. To be frank, I was always skeptical and had it set in my mind that Indica will always be what it has been known for all these days – A good car for Cab/Taxi. I had traveled as a passenger but never drove one.