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WOO – connecting urban singles seeking real meaningful relationships

U2opia Mobile known for foneverify and fonetwish products, has just launched WOO. WOO is an exciting smartphone app available on Android and iOS which gives users, a platform to connect with like-minded, interesting, urban singles from the same city.

Baba Saffron Blended Elaichi–Natural way of freshening up

One of the things, I would like to have in my pocket is a mouth freshener. I am used to carry it either in the form of a chewing gum or a candy. This makes me keep my breath fresh no matter whether I am busy or in meetings or out travelling.

Groove with White Mischief girls

IPL is one of the best for me which happens every year. During the IPL season, I try to follow all the matches online or live.

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Tasting Notes

All said and done, for me it is one of the best Scotch available right now. Its usual for everyone to get a different taste of a product. This is due to the fact that the taste buds of each individual might signal in a different way to the brain.

Cricket time

It’s a cricket  season and the most famous tournament is in progress. Like most of the Indians, I also like to follow. Yes, IPL – Indian Premier league.

Music and Scotch

There are very few things which I like and music is one integral part of me. I like to be surrounded by music always. Somehow as a hobby I like to sing and also to keep listening to music.

Triple Gold Reserve is a truly refined Scotch

Black Dog is one of the best in the world and Black Dog TGR is the best scotch available out there right now.

Cheese Fondue and TGR

I had got an opportunity to travel to the heaven on earth – Switzerland, thanks to a bunch of friends who planned a vacation. During the stay, we decided to try out Swiss special food. We manage to bump into a restaurant where we were able to get authentic swish dishes.

The perfect gift

She is one of the sweetest person’s I know and she understands me much better than anyone else. We just completed 1 year together and it was our first wedding anniversary. Truly a wonderful feeling to have.

Surprise meetup

As me and my wife were enjoying the evening in Maldives, I felt as if I know a couple who were at a fair distance walking towards us. As they came closer, I found out that its my best friend in college and his wife. They had come over too for a vacation and had been in Maldives for 2 days already.