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[How to] Configure static IP on Red Hat Linux

In case, you are working with set of Static IP’s and want to associate a static IP to your Red Hat instance, here is what can be done.

[How to] HTC One X – Update to 4.2.2 from Custom ROM

Just in case you are running a Custom ROM on your HTC One X and would like to update the phone to the Stock 4.2.2 with Sense 5.0 released by HTC, here is the way to go about it.

[How-To] Use Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail’s Compose View

Gmail has a new Compose View, which brings up a new window where one can reply/compose mail. However, the compose window doesn’t get activated when you are replying to an email.

How to Copy Command Prompt Output to Windows Clipboard

Tech Site Labnol  has showed a quick workaround if you need to copy output from the Command Prompt into Windows Clipboard.

List of Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8

With the all new Windows 8, there are certain changes to the OS and some of them are noticeable like the missing start button. However to help users out, we have a extensive list of Windows 8 Keyboard shortcuts (from MSDN) listed out here. In case you find difficult in adjusting to the new OS, here is what might help you out.

[How to] Fix “JNLPException[category: Launch File Error : Exception: null : LaunchDesc” Error

Sometimes it does happen where the built-in Java Security prevents the java filebot to run. The error message will be “JNLPException[category: Launch File Error : Exception: null : LaunchDesc” and pop-will be as shown below.

[How-to] Tips and Tricks for Galaxy S3

Listed below are some of the Tips and Tricks for your Galaxy S3. Though some of them are very trivial, I have listed them in case someone out there is not aware.

[How-to] upgrade Samsung Galaxy Note to stock ICS

Samsung has started rolling out ICS to its Galaxy Note customers in Germany. Most of them even updated it OTA. However, the roll-out is not simultaneous across countries and folks in other countries might have to wait till Samsung makes it officially available.

[Download] Official Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.3 for HTC Rezound

The latest build – 3.13.605.7 of Ice Cream Sandwich for HTC Rezound with several fixes and new radios is now available for download. This is likely to be a RC image and not the final one. If you are willing to explore this latest build leak, read on.

[How To] Root your Galaxy Tab 2 [GT-P3110] on Android 4.0.3 ICS

If you own one of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 [GT-P3110], them this post will help you to root the device and get the SuperUser access. Thanks to XDA developers and RootzWiki , we can have the root on this device.