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Mophie juice pack battery case now available for Google Pixel XL

I have been using Google Pixel XL for the past 3 months. Pixel XL has a great 3450mAh battery, supports fast charging. All these are good enough for the device to give you almost a day worth of battery power. What if you need more? What if you are a heavy user?

Nexus 5X is now available for $299 from Google Store

There has been couple of price drops for the Nexus 5X. Few days back, Google had reduced the price by $30 and now it has further reduced the price by $50. Thus making it a sub $300 phone. At this price Nexus 5X is quite a deal considering the fact that it is a Nexus line device.

Huawei Nexus 6P will now be available in Gold in US market

One thing the Nexus 6P was missing till now is the Golden outfit in US market, which the flagships generally come with. During their press-conference, Huawei announced that the Nexus 6P smartphone will now be available in Matte Gold in US.

Google’s event on Sep 29, new Nexus around the corner

Google has sent out invitations to the press for an event on September 29th. The company is expected to announce couple of phones in the Nexus lineup, newer version of Chromecast. We can also expect couple of other devices to be announced.

“Undo Send” matures from Gmail Labs to GMail feature

Sometimes, it is really necessary to have an Undo Send email after sending across an email. This occurs when you hit send by mistake while still you are composing the email or you sent it to wrong audience and noticed it immediately after sending the email.

Send locations to iOS device from Google maps on desktop

In the latest update to Google Maps on iOS, Google has rolled out a feature using which  location details can be directly shared to the iOS device from Desktop version of Google Maps.

Find My Phone on Google will locate, ring, erase, lock your Android Phone

How well can you utilize Google Search? There is a new addition into it now. Just type “Find my Android” or “Find my phone” in Google Search and immediately comes up with a map with location of your phone.