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Anker Premium USB-C Mini-Dock, Excellent Dock with sufficient ports

Having the MBP 2016/2017 means, having lots of dongles in the backpack or having fewer dongles with sufficient ports on each. Any hub having HDMI, Ethernet port, USB3 ports and SD Card port means, it is amongst the best value for money out there.

iOS 10.3 Beta 3 released, details here

Apple has made iOS 10.3 Beta 3 available to those folks registered to Apple’s Developer Portal.

Public testers get iOS 9.3 Beta 1, lots of new features

Apple released latest iOS 9.3 Beta 1 earlier this week to Developers. This has now been made available to Public testers. iOS 9.3 Beta 1 comes with lots of new features.

iOS 9.2.1 is now available for Developers and Public Beta Testers

In other news, Apple has seeded second beta of iOS 9.2.1 to developers and public beta testers. The first beta was released approx 2-3 weeks earlier.

Waiting for Apple iPad Pro? Almost there!

Apple announced iPad Pro along with iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s in September. When it was launched, Apple didn’t mention anything about the availability, but a brief mention about availability in November.

iOS 9.1 released; Live Photos updated, new Emojis and more fixes

Apple released a new update iOS 9.1 containing changes to Live Photos, addition of new 150 new emojis and many more fixes and updates. The update is rolling out and should be available for most of the devices which are destined to receive it.

Send locations to iOS device from Google maps on desktop

In the latest update to Google Maps on iOS, Google has rolled out a feature using which  location details can be directly shared to the iOS device from Desktop version of Google Maps.

[How to] Find out warranty before purchasing refurbished iOS Device

In case, you are looking out for a refurbished iOS products, you can check the warranty of the device from Apple site. This will help you to crack the best deal for the device.

iPhone 6 Plus review

Its new, its different and its big. Yes, Apple has finally caught up with the phablet market and the iPhone 6 Plus is the answer for the phablet world.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to roll out to more countries including India

Apple has announced that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus would be launched in India this month.