Unwinding myself during the weekends

Its a Friday and one hell of a weekend is lined up. First up, this summer is fully lined up with cricket tournaments, Formula 1-season, Football leagues, new movies and much more. Whenever there is a weekend or a holiday, my agenda consists of only one thing – RELAX.


Generally, I prefer to stay at home and hook to the Idiot box – TV and watch sports or movies or sometimes, the boring TV-soaps too. Since it was cricket season, there was a day- night ODI for me to sit, watch and enjoy. Whenever, I am in a mood to relax, I take out a bottle of Scotch so that, I enjoy the most and relax too. I prefer Black Dog when it comes to Scotch. I am a couch potato and I prefer enjoying scotch on the rocks when watching cricket. I gives me pure experience. I prefer Black Dog scotch as it gives me a harmony of delight, its seductive aromas immediately arouse my senses.

The aged malt whiskies from the Speyside valley of Scotland definitely adds its distinctive charm. The Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve was taken out of the closet, and prepared my on- the-rocks drink. The Match was about to start and home team won the toss and elected to bat. As the match started and made its progress, I started to enjoy my drink Sip-by-Sip. Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve on-the-rocks and the home team’s match was the perfect combo for me to begin the weekend in a relaxing mode. Somehow I am now used to this mode of unwinding myself after the hectic week with truckload of work.

It was again a well spent evening, time spent to relax, stress-busting exercise.

Disclaimer: The above content is for people aged 25 and above. Do not drink and drive. Drink Sensibly. Underage drinking is crime.

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