Cricket time

It’s a cricket  season and the most famous tournament is in progress. Like most of the Indians, I also like to follow. Yes, IPL – Indian Premier league.


IPL in one of those fan-frenzy cricket tournaments. Most of the fans follow with the team to watch all the matches of their favorite home teams. I generally try to watch all home matches on the Idiot box as I cannot travel because of work. I had got Hospitality pass to watch the home match and few of my friends too and got a chance to witness something special during the season.
The home team went on a rampage against the opposition. The IPL games are 20 over games and in those 20 overs, the home team players managed something special. One of the opening batsman managed to score 175 in the match. Something unbelievable.
Every one in the stadium were not able to sit back as every other ball used to reach the boundary and every one were cheering for it continuously including the kids. What an amazing time it was. I was lucky to get the hospitality tickets for the same.
The good news for us in hospitality region is that, we get a range of beverages and food and yes, they are unlimited. Even my favorite Black Dog was part of the range. That made it even more special.
Me and my friends went together to have Black Dog and watch the match simultaneously. The match was so special and it was made more special due to the presence of Black Dog. The evening was well spent and will be remembered for a long long time for the thumping victory by home team on the home ground and by Black Dog.

Disclaimer: The above content is for people aged 25 and above. Do not drink and drive. Drink Sensibly. Underage drinking is crime.

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