Triple Gold Reserve is a truly refined Scotch

Black Dog is one of the best in the world and Black Dog TGR is the best scotch available out there right now.

There are ways to refine the world around us and there are ways to relax. Black Dog provides many ways to relax and have fun. There are many variants of Black Dog Scotch which one can chose to be accompanied. They are Black Dog Black Reserve, Black Dog Gold Reserve 12 YO, Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve etc.

There are lots which have gone into the making of the Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. It takes a lot more than manufacturing the regular scotch. To start with, whiskies are matured in Scotland for at least 3 years  to get qualified as Scotch.

Scotches are labeled with the number of year of maturation which the spirit underwent. TGR is equivalent to any 12 YO whisky and is much better. You would understand Triple Gold Reserve Maturation looking at the images below.


In the above image, it is shown how the normal scotch maturation is done. Single Malt whisky and Single Grain whisky is matured separately. Once matured for a suitable age, they are combined and bottled. There is no maturation once the Malt whisky and Grain whisky are combined.


The above image shows the maturation process of the Triple Gold Reserve. Here, the Single Malt Whisky and Single Grain Whisky are matured separately and then blended together. Once blended, they are matured again in Olorosso Sherry Cask. This is the Triple Maturation process. Once matured for the third time, it is sent for bottling. Thus Triple Gold Reserve name is given to this new blend.

All these has been carefully done and each blend is handpicked so that each blend and bottle gets the exact taste. It is one of the premium whiskies which is smoothest and finest in the world.

The Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve is available in  pack sizes of  1 ltr, 750ml, 375ml, 180ml and 60ml and TGR is priced at INR 2300 in Karnataka for 750ml.

Disclaimer: The above content is for people aged 25 and above. Do not drink and drive. Drink Sensibly. Underage drinking is crime.

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