The perfect gift

She is one of the sweetest person’s I know and she understands me much better than anyone else. We just completed 1 year together and it was our first wedding anniversary. Truly a wonderful feeling to have.


The month of May will always be remembered by me because it’s the month, I entered into the Married status. My wife had to travel for her assignment during our anniversary and could not stay back to make it even more memorable. I could have traveled along with her, but I was unable get leaves at the same time to accompany her.

This is the remotest possible thing which we wouldn’t have wished to happen. She had to travel on 18th of May and the next 2 weeks at the new work place. My wife is a very good planner and she did plan well in advance – The dinner, gifts etc. etc. But since she had to travel, she cancelled most of them and left the gift part alone.

She had ordered my favorite Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve as a gift for me for the anniversary. I never had thought that she will gift it. Black Dog is the only scotch which I like and she ensured that I will receive it on our anniversary day.

That is the best gift I would have got and wifey ensured that she gets me the best. Hope to meet her soon and will unwind with style along with wifey.

Disclaimer: The above content is for people aged 25 and above. Do not drink and drive. Drink Sensibly. Underage drinking is crime.

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