Pizza time

After the last meetup of myself and my friends, we decided to have another get together of sorts. For a change, we decided to hit one of the famous Pizza chains around in the city. Since it is a weekday, most of us decided to meet in a central location and the order for pizza from the nearby Pizza Center. 


We all decided to meet up around 9 PM at a friend’s place and I managed to reach the destination by 8:45PM. I hardly reach on time, but I had left my vehicle for servicing and had to pick up the vehicle and hence made an early reach. Then I started waiting for others. They started turning up around 9:15PM. I hadn’t met few of them in years and it was nice catching up with them.

Once everyone reached the venue, we decided to place the order. We ordered 3 Large Pizza’s (all of them are Cheese filled), Garlic Bread’s, Soft Drinks, Cheesy Dip and Jalapeno Dip. Post placing the order, we started to chit chat and started to talk about good old days. There were some catchy and funny one-liners from two of them in our group, as if they can throw them at will.

After around 30 mins, we got the pizza delivered. Suddenly one of us murmured, that it would have been good if Black Dog was around. As, any evening and any party without Black Dog experience is felt incomplete. We had 2 bottles of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve and then we brought out the glasses. All of us enjoyed the Pizza with Scotch and it was one of experience. It was happiness to the peak. All of us enjoyed the evening and it was a gala time. It as a good combo of fun, life, experience, comedy, luxury etc.

Disclaimer: The above content is for people aged 25 and above. Do not drink and drive. Drink Sensibly. Underage drinking is crime.

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