Luxurious movie watching experience

One of my favorite pastime is watching movies. I can sit and watch a minimum of 4-5 movies a day. It so happened, that folks at my home decided to leave the town for few days and since I was stuck with my office work, I decided to stay back in the city because of work.

Then came the Friday and post work I decided to hit the newly set home-bar at my place. The bar contained all my favorite brands and spirits. I decided to take out the newly added stuff’s into the bar in the previous week. It is the International Luxury brand – Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve.

Just to add to the above, I have a big room with a HD projector setup to play HD movies, just to have a theater like movie-watching experience. I decided to watch action movies and Bond collection was my choice for the evening.


I switched on the movie playback and then relaxed on the couch and poured the Black Dog TGR into a glass and took the aroma of it which can be described as a lovely balance of matured wood and the rich malt touches the senses. Smoothness of Vanilla and Butterscotch are skillfully embedded on layers of honey, creamy caramel, cinnamon and marzipan with a subtle hint of citrus fruits. We get cracked spiced pepper are also perceived and I started to enjoy Sip-by-Sip. After that, I decided to go for Black Dog on the rocks. It was a perfect combo for the evening for me. Action sequences for the eyes and a drink to make my body and mind to release stress of work.

It was again a well spent evening and one of the luxurious ways to unwind myself.


Disclaimer: The above content is for people aged 25 and above. Do not drink and drive. Drink and Unwind Sensibly. Underage drinking is crime.

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