Fishing Time and using my favorite Black Dog

One of the best way to spend time for me is Angling. I have the entire fishing gear with me. I did extensive search on finding out where I will get Best Rod, Best Lines and Best Hooks, and the best Fishing Bait – BlackDog!


I generally prefer to head early morning as the weather would be pleasant for me to setup everything at right place and start fishing. Wifey prepared breakfast for me early in the morning. I had my breakfast and then started driving towards my usual fishing camp. Most of the times, I go with my friends and spend some quality time with them. In case I want loneliness, I prefer Fishing compared to any other activity. This time, wifey accompanied me.

I took out my gear and got started. Few minutes went by and nothing had come to us and I was waiting for my luck to strike.

Since its been months that I had gone out for fishing due to my travel and busy work related meetings, I had to get back the rhythm and it took me sometime to get back to rhythm. I then took break for sometime then lazed around. We then went out for lunch. We searched for a good restaurant but our search went in vain. Finally we found a quick dive-in restaurant and got a sandwich for ourselves.

After a stroll, I then decided to get back to fishing. My luck was with me in the evening and caught quite a lot of fishes, and then left them back to the waters. All in all me and wifey had a fun time together.

Thus ending one of the best spent days revisiting the hobby. Once I was back, I took out my favorite Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve and extended my evening to relax further. They just make me feel better, no matter what condition I am in.

Disclaimer: The above content is for people aged 25 and above. Do not drink and drive. Drink Sensibly. Underage drinking is crime.

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