Black Dog Comedy evenings with Rob Schneider

As mentioned earlier, Black Dog Scotch Whisky are now one of the major luxury brands to sponsor or bring events to Indian fans. Likewise, Black Dog Comedy Evenings is also one of them. Black Dog Comedy Evenings brought us Rob Schneider to India.

He performed at The Westin, Pune on 23rd Nov, 2011. Later he also performed at the Lalit Ashok in Bangalore on 24th November; The Oberoi Grand in Kolkata on 25th of November, The Westin in Gurgaon on 26th Nov and at InterContinental-The Lalit in Mumbai on 27th of November.

The Event was targeted for people across all the age groups and more than 1000 people were present for each show. The event was promoted through the print and online media, apart from hoarding and advertisements in Times Of India and The Economic Times. Rob Schneider is a well known stand-up comic and veteran of the NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live. Also, Rob Schneider has a successful career in feature films, which includes comedy films such as  Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo, The Hot Chick, and Grown Ups.

One such piece from his gig is “People also keep mistaking me for Rajnikanth. I’m not Rajnikanth people, get over it! He looks like me, I don’t look like him. Plus, it got cold here the other day, because Rajinikanth opened his refrigerator.”

Avishek Das, Senior General Manager-Marketing, United Spirits Limited said “The brand Black Dog indicates composure and, laughter being an instant vacation, we decided that Black Dog Comedy Evenings is a great platform for a stress buster. Black Dog Easy Evenings initiative brings down international comedy artists every four months and the brand Black Dog Scotch Whisky has been positioned in such a way as to create an experience for people to unwind.” when talking about the Black Dog Comedy Evenings initiative.

For all those who attended  Black Dog Quintessence was served and for some of the lucky one’s it was given as a prize. Black Dog Quintessence is the 21 Year Old Scotch Whisky. Its handcrafted meticulously by Black Dog’s Master Blender.

Again, the mantra of relax and unwind was executed to perfection by Black Dog comedy evenings which was brought to us by Black Dog Scotch Whisky.

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