Battery Pro+ app released by Nokia for Windows Phone 8

Battery Pro+ is the new app available in the Windows Marketplace developed by Wunderman Polska, the third party developer agency who were hired by Nokia Poland.


The app with live tiles support in two sizes and displays the Battery Status in percentage. The app also provides details about the remaining time and also the hourly consumption. Along with this, the app also provides information about the battery capacity and also provides quick shortcuts to Network connectivity, WiFi and Bluetooth.

The large power drain of mobile devices’ used to be one of the great mysteries… until now! With Battery Pro+ you’re able to fully control the battery power usage of your smart phone.

Battery Pro+ is an incredibly user friendly app prepared by Nokia, which enables you to:

- Check the battery status in percentage
- Check the hourly power usage
- Check the time left for the battery to discharge
- Range of battery usage (in the last 48h)

Download for free!

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