Baba Saffron Blended Elaichi–Natural way of freshening up

One of the things, I would like to have in my pocket is a mouth freshener. I am used to carry it either in the form of a chewing gum or a candy. This makes me keep my breath fresh no matter whether I am busy or in meetings or out travelling.


Thanks to Baba, I received a sample of Saffron Blended Elaichi to try out. Baba is well known for Pan Masalas. The sample came in a simple but effective ‘Click-Clack’ box, which keeps the elaichi fresh and locked inside. Simple press on the top of the box, opens it up. The moment I opened it, there was the freshness I was looking for. The strong aroma made me feel that this is one of the best to be accompanying me all the time.


Though I felt this is too early for me to decide and wanted to give it a try before I stick on to it. I went to try it. Even though the aroma was strong, I had a feeling of it being mild and not staying up to my expectations. But, I was proved wrong.


Its just not me, since I kept carrying the box around with me always, my colleagues decided to try it out. Everyone were so addicted that they were demanding more of it and enquiring about it on where they will get the same.


My mom who generally doesn’t like to taste these products and hates anything which is too strong in taste, liked the sample.

With no ifs and buts, the silver coated Elaichi seeds did the best what they were meant to be. The flavored elaichi aroma helped me to keep myself refreshed for the next few mins. Baba Elaichi gives us the best of both worlds. The taste, flavor and aroma to keep our mouth fresh and this comes without any artificial or chemicals added. This is definitely a plus point for me as I can share it with my close ones without a second thought.

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