Anker’s Monopod Selfie stick

I have been fan of Anker products and I own more than a dozen of them. Latest addition to them is the Anker’s extendable bluetooth monopod selfie stick. I always wanted to own one, and this definitely was the safe bet for me to get.


The grip is of superior quality and one doesn’t feel otherwise. The stick manually extends upto 30-31 inches. The camera holder feels sturdy and can hold any phone with the dimensions 2.2 – 3.3 inches wide that is any phone from iPhone 4 till one which is of similar size of Galaxy Note 4.


Anker claims the battery life to be approximately 20 hrs on a single charge which is sufficient if you are traveling and want to click a lot of selfies, come back and charge it later in the day.


Connecting via bluetooth is breeze, power on the stick, open bluetooth menu in the phone, select and pair with “Anker selfie stick”. I tested it on iPhone 6 Plus and takes hardly a second to capture.


For me, Anker is the alternative name for benchmark. I believe in the quality of their products and have started to trust them.

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