Anker Roav Dash Cam C2 [Review]

This is my second Dash Cam. The first one was a action camera which I repurposed to be a Dash Cam. Thought of trying out an actual Dash Cam and Anker’s Roav Dash Cam might fit in the long run.

Build and Quality: The Dash Cam looks and feels premium. In fact very good. Light weight but with punch.
Ease of setup: The setup is guided and very easy. Setting this Dash Cam hardly takes 5 mins.
Use: Once setup, hookup the Dash Cam using the mounts and connect the power to the Dash Cam using the supplied micro-USB cable. As soon as the vehicle powers on, the Dash cam turns on and starts recording. Once the car is turned off, the Dash cam powers off in few seconds.
You can set it to record when in parking mode. This also has a emergency record button which can record for few seconds in case of emergency.
This Dash cam supports memory card upto 128GB an records with either 1080P or 720P resolution.
Price: This comes with descent price and I hope this will will be a good investment.

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