Anker Premium USB-C Mini-Dock, Excellent Dock with sufficient ports

Having the MBP 2016/2017 means, having lots of dongles in the backpack or having fewer dongles with sufficient ports on each. Any hub having HDMI, Ethernet port, USB3 ports and SD Card port means, it is amongst the best value for money out there.

Anker’s new USB-C Dock is what I needed which makes the cut.
Build: Excellent. Aluminum casing with chamfered edge giving premium feel. No way this hub feels like a cheap or counterfeit product.
Usage: Again, no issues having this hub work with my External monitor connected via HDMI, having SD Card plugged in, USB devices connected and works flawlessly.
Easy to carry around and lightweight with all the required ports built-in, this can be a go-to hub if you have MBP 2016 or MBP 2017.
What do you feel about this hub? Do let us know with your comments.

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