Anker PowerLine II Dura Lightning Cable review

Been a fan of Anker’s accessories for the past 2 years and own quite a few of them from cables to power banks to USB hubs to Hard disk accessories.

I have never been disappointed with the cables I purchased from Anker. I still have the first lighting cable I purchased in 2015 for my iPhone and it is still working without signs of wear and tear and might go on for another few years before I finally give up on it. Same is the case with other Anker cables like micro USB or USB-C (USB 3.1) cables. In comparison, lighting cable which came with my apple devices showed signs of wear and tear in 3-4 months.

When Anker came up with PowerLine II Dura, I immediately went for it. This one is a 6ft cable which helps me to tuck them behind the night stand from the power sockets and keep them over the nightstand, without worrying about the phone falling off.


PowerLine II Dura comes with extreme reinforcement which helps in protection of internal wiring.  Below image is the comparison of PowerLine plus with PowerLine II Dura cable.


The cables come with MFi certification and has also undergone strict quality testing ensure your Apple devices are charged safely, at their fastest possible speed.


The cables last so long without issues that Anker provides these cables with lifetime warranty. If you are not happy, they provide customer care numbers, which can be used to reach out to them.IMG_20170330_082335

Hit the link to purchase if you find it worth –

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