Amazon reduces Prime membership to $73; reasons to get yourself Prime membership

Amazon is in celebration mood after winning two Golden Globe awards. To celebrate this, Amazon drops the Prime membership for new members to $73 starting Friday till weekend.


Amazon marked the price as $73 as it won those awards during the 73rd Golden Globe awards. Amazon along with it is making “Mozart in the Jungle” available for free for all during the weekend.

Other reasons for getting yourself a prime membership:

  1. Reduction in price to $73 from $99 (reduction in price happens rarely).
  2. Thousands of Movies and TV shows which are included in the membership.
  3. Free 2-day shipping on most of the products and few items also eligible for same day delivery.
  4. Huge catalog of songs – Free streaming of millions of songs via Prime Music
  5. Unlimited Photo Storage via Prime Photos which can be accessed from anywhere.
  6. Amazon lightning deals with at least 30 minutes early access.
  7. Free eBooks for rent.
  8. The best if you are a gamer – 20% discount on pre-order or newly released video games for Prime members.

Does this make you to incline towards Amazon Prime? Do let us know your reason via comments.

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