A review of Nokia E6

Thanks to the lovely guys at WomWorldNokia, was able to get my hands onto the new hot thing from Nokia, the E6 smartphone.

Nokia E6 is the latest smartphone in the E-series segment. The phone comes with Symbian Anna preloaded onto it. The phone has a touch screen along with a physical QWERTY keypad and hence one of the first QWERTY candybar phone with both Touch and Type as input.

The phone comes with the standard small renewable packing and is 100% recyclable. This package contains,

  • Nokia E6-00
  • Nokia Battery BP-4L
  • Nokia High Efficiency Charger AC-15
  • Nokia Stereo Headset WH-207
  • USB connecting cable
  • Quick start guide

Body and the looks

The E6 is given a solid look with a Chrome Bezel running all-over the edge of the phone. The phone is given a 2.46″ TFT LCD screen with resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and 326 pixels per inch. That’s why the phone gets the Crispier and Sharper display. The display has been given a boost and is very impressive.

Below the display is the usual D-Pad and the other keys like Home, Call/End etc which we generally don’t expect in a touch screen phone. Though I would have loved to have a bit bigger display instead of the additional buttons. Nevertheless, Nokia has done it neat though the keys are redundant.

The top of the phone contains, 3.5 mm audio jack, power button and memory card slot. The left contains the micro USB port and right side of the phone has the volume rocker, lock/unlock slider. There is no Physical Camera shutter button though.

The keypad on this phone is smooth with good spacing and I didn’t face any problems with the usage of the keypad as the keys were highly responsive.

I would say 50-50 here. Sound output of the phone is good but since the speaker is weirdly placed at the back, you might hear less sound output. The vibration on the device is so mild, you might miss some calls in case you have kept the phone in soundless vibration only mode.

Missed call / message notification light is another area, where you have to be sharp enough to observe the notification/breathing light inside the D-pad.

Charging? Yes. I observed a small light (as in pic), but will you be enthusiastic enough to check it always?

Lock – Slider at the side of the phone lets you lock/unlock the device or touching the lock button on the screen will allow you to unlock the phone. By the way, if you keep the slider pulled for 3 secs, the torch light can be switched on and off.

Camera: Does Nokia really have an edge here?

With N9 already around, we would really question if there was really a need for the EDOF instead of AF on E6. Only Nokia can answer that. However, the camera does a pretty descent job. I failed to capture a descent macro shot. The final quality of images (apart from the close-ups) are really great. As a standard feature these days, we do have the HD recording on E6 at 720p (25fps).























Lot of options included for the camera like Face detection, different scene modes, Geo tagging, Timer etc etc.

What else have we got on the phone?

Sensors: Proximity sensors does perform really well and also the Ambient Light sensors did a good job in changing the screen brightness and is easily noticeable.

Battery Life? 1500 mAh sufficient?
Damn impressive. With a good bit of browsing, music, phone calls, texts, tweeting with GPS tagging, emails got the phone to last for a day. As soon as the battery strength gets low, the phone switches to the power-saving mode. This can also be activated manually by touching the battery status on the screen. The OS does a pretty neat job in handling the battery life.









The phone comes with a standard micro pin charging slot. Since the phone supports USB charging also, either the Nokia standard charger or data cable will come to your rescue for sure.

Connectivity options?
Comes with HSDPA, GPRS, EDGE connectivity and Nokia phones are always good w.r.t data and calls. The phone also has WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth connectivity options. The phone can also act as a WiFi hotspot. Micro USB port is available which also acts as a charging alternative and supports USB on-the-go with the help of an adaptor.

Whats on it?

The E6 is one of the 2 devices which came preloaded with Symbian Anna. Though the Symbian lacks the competitiveness/user friendliness like other OS, it does best what it has to do. The phone comes with 300 MB internal memory and the Symbian OS does its best to handle it neatly.

The Anna gets 5 customizable home screens and 6 widgets in each screen – 3 non-editable widgets and 3 customizable. Press and hold and you can add a customizable widget onto the screen. Though you cannot edit the size of the widgets. A bit of rigidness is what I felt.
The other 3 non-editable ones are, the clock, Profile and the notification widget (Missed Call and Msg alerts are shown here).








The Search:

The search option does its job at best. Check out the snapshot.

A much better browser awaits you in the Anna. The look and feel of the browser, menu options are well refined. It was faster and easier to use than the older versions.








ย For the first time on a Nokia device, I didn’t look for an alternate browser and was able to manage with the stock browser.

Music Player:
The Music player rocks!! There is album art browsing in the player which is very neat. There is so much into this and comes with the preloaded codecs for MP3, WMA, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB.











Nokia Push Mail:

The phone comes with the Nokia Email client which did its activity at best in the synchronization. Business Class phones should come with a Push Mail option and the E6 does a handy job in that category.

Other bundled softwares:

There are lots of softwares which are bundled in the phone like Joikuspot premium, Notes, Adobe Reader, Quick Office, Microsoft Communicator.























  • Refined UI, Improved hardware
  • Pre-loaded Apps
  • Build Quality, QWERTY Keyboard layout, Easy to handle.
  • Agressive pricing
  • Good Battery life

are the few things which I would like to highlight.

Things I feel could have been in the phone are,

  • Bigger screen,
  • AF Camera
  • Brighter Notification lights

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  1. GiggsRyan says:

    Good, balanced review that touches relevant aspects of day to day usage thereby ending up as really useful as a review ought to be…

  2. GiggsRyan says:

    Good, balanced review that touches relevant aspects of day to day usage thereby ending up as really useful as a review ought to be…

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