A near fatal accident

Work pressure and other pressure will be so much that sometimes, it takes a toll on a person. A close friend of mine was at the receiving end when the pressure got to him.

He was on the interview panel and was asked to come to office on a Saturday. It was well and fine till the previous day. The day before the interview, his manager called him up and told, he has to support and work over the weekend. Suddenly all the plans he had to shuffle. He cancelled up going to office in the morning, as he had to support and be in touch with the colleagues from overseas since morning. Hence, he connected from home and started to support. The reason being, they were ahead in time compared to Indian Standard time and hence, he didn’t want to waste time travelling to office which takes 1-2 hrs depending on the traffic.

All was going well and around 12:30 PM, he decided to go to office and connect as the connectivity from home had become slow. He left in his car, a black Suzuki Swift. He drove around and decided to take freeway to reach office. After crossing the tollway, he decided to stop and inspected the types and other things as it was the free way and vehicles will move at very speeds.

He was tensed a bit and was driving his car at around 120 kmph. After 10 kms, he felt quite a few bumps from the back of the car and suddenly lost the control of the car. The car wobbled a bit and started to move sideways. He tried to control it and then suddenly the car started to move towards the other direction and went and crashed into the side barriers and the car revolved for 450 degrees before coming to a halt.

By God’s grace he survived without any injuries and the car had got damaged┬áseverely. He was taken to hospital and the checkup’s revealed that he was fine. He was shaken as it was his first car and never had any problems over the course of 4+ years. I met him the next day and he was still disturbed. I took him to my place and then tried to console him.

Then I gave him a glass of Scotch so that he can get relaxed a bit. He took a sip and then he took out all his anger and frustration and then got back to his normal state. I asked him to join me everyday in the evening so that he can unwind and relax for the next few days till all is well at office and with respect to work.

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