A brief look at PR1.2 for Nokia N9

By the time I received N9 for review, there are lots of reviews and un-boxing stuffs about N9. N9 is one of those devices which can be called as First and Last Samurai. N9 came out from Nokia stable loaded with MeeGo Harmattan OS. The only device till date to be on that OS.

N9 came with a TI OMAP 3630 1GHz CPU and SGX530 GPU. The device had a 3.9″ Capacitive touch screen with 854*480 pixel resolution, CBD screen, Corning Gorilla Glass, 8MP AF rear shooter.

Now onto the new features which came via PR1.2 are listed below (listed few out of 3500 improvements) with some screen captures. The update was available by 27th Feb 2012 and was pushed OTA.


  • Fixed 122 bugs reported by users from all over the World in public bug trucker, plus numerous bug fixes related to the implementation of new features, improving the overall user experience and reliability of the device, making the device usage smooth
  • QtWebKit update to version 2.2
  • MeeGo Touch Framework
  • Kernel updated to be in sync with the upstream kernel version
  • Introduced video calling API support – also used by GTalk Video call.
  • Introduced support for multimedia sharing via DLNA protocol with compatibile devices, including non-phone devices

  • USB On-The-Go (AKA USB OTG) which will allow various accessories to be attached such as keyboards, mice, and external memory and many other improvements
  • Compass support in Maps
  • Faster H.264 video codecs
  • Introduced new languages:
  1. Persian,
  2. Hebrew
  3. Kazakh
  4. Thai
  5. Vietnamese
  • Introduced separate switch for controlling mobile background connections while roaming
  • Introduced color profiles support (normal, saturated, desaturated)
  • NFC polling enabled in lock screen
  • Visual hint for differentiating swipe close gesture from normal swipes
  • Introduced folders on the applications screen for grouping icons

  • Introduced ability to change default system font and line spacing
  • Introduced system-wide copy & paste with assistive brackets and magnifier widgets
  • Bigger buttons, “snooze” is easier, in alarm clock
  • Introduced DropBox account synchronization support (for data storage in the cloud)

  • Introduced improvements in built-in browser, introduced history of viewed sites


  • Improvements in Event Feed area

  • Notifications sorted by timestamps

  • Timestamps shown in notifications
  • New notifications from Twitter and Facebook at locked screen and new icons
  • Software update notifications for apps downloaded from Nokia Store


  • Select and share multiple images at once (now also on Twitter immediately) with face tagging

  • Option to filter by tags and the ability of basic video editing


  • Improved stability of the Facebook client and added image sharing


  • Can define the location of the “House”
  • Warnings about speed limits
  • The ability to display your favorite places on the map
  • Option to select the preferred types of roads (highways, toll roads, ferries, tunnels, unpaved roads)


  • A separate button for changing LED flash light settings on the fly in video and photo mode
  • Grid lines (3×3 squares) for composition assistance
  • Timed shutter release option
  • Ability to shoot a fast sequence of photos
  • Face detection combined with tagging
  • LED light can now be turned on while recording video


  • Better handling of To-Do lists, recurring events and timezones
  • Private flag support for events
  • Support for read-only events
  • Ability to forward/reply/reply-all for received events
  • Calendar icon displays current day of the month (without hacks)

Music Player

  • Audiobook and podcast support
  • Ability to create playlists
  • Ability to delete music files from music player library views via object menu
  • Possibility to see songs that are on the current play queue
  • Delete songs directly from the player


  • Capture an image from camera from contact card to set the contact avatar
  • Service contact details attributed in contact card and editor
  • Nickname option in contact list
  • Online search from MfE server
  • contact (visit) card sharing


  • Introduced threading e-mails
  • Search option for Microsoft Exchange mail accounts

What do you feel about this update? Did Nokia really gave users what they wanted with this update? Do let us know your views.

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