20 Things I would like to do

For everyone, there will be a wish-list in life. We all are busy in life catching up with others and forgetting what we really want to do.

But, there are some things which makes us happy and brings satisfaction. As with others, I also have the wish-list which would help me to discover myself and the things which will help me to bring together what all I can do and want to do.

1. Drive a Ferrari


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Who would not like to drive or own this vehicle? For me, be it a sport or anything, if Ferrari is part of it, I support them. Hence it tops in my list.

2. Bring out another music album

Being a singer, I always like to be out there with a music album.

3. Act in a movie

Yes, I do want to act. Though I am poor in this field, it will not harm me from exploring the capability in me.

4. Sky Diving

I am scared to do it, but to overcome the fear, I am ready to do it.

5. Skiing

I have played with Snow and Ice. I would just try this too.

6. Underwater activities – snorkeling, scuba diving

Always afraid of water and would like to overcome my fear with these underwater activities.

7. Learn Guitar

Being a music oriented guy, would like to learn at least one music instrument and would like to start with Guitar.

8. Own a Yacht


After a certain age, I would take time-off from the busy work life and spend rest of the time enjoying and lead a life with peace all around. The best for me is to own Yacht and stay aboard.

9. Mini Theatre in house

Can watch movies continuously without break. Would like to set up a mini movie theatre in my home.

10. Travel around the world

I love traveling but I am lazy too. This is again on my list to go around places to see different cultures.

11. Volunteer for Social Activities

I would like to do something for the planet which has given us a lot.

12. Open a Hospital

One of my dreams have been to open a Hospital which can be a means to help others.

13. Learn Self-Defence tricks

When crime can be around the corner, need some basic knowledge of how to protect myself and my family.

14. Get Tattoo done

15. Own a Harley-Davidson bike

16. Try to pen down a song and compose music for it

17. Recompile a photo album only with pics of Dad and Mum

18. Travel to places across India

19. A better photographer

20. Finally, train journeys – Konkan and Eurostar.


Life is short and we need to make most out of it. Watch the video below where the guy after losing his memory rediscovers himself and does different than what he did before he lost his memory. He does this with the help of his girlfriend and eBay India.

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